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OceanGuard™ Aluminum Roofing

50 Year Saltwater Warranty

Coastal roofing is a breeze with OceanGuard™ aluminum roofing from Gulf Coast Supply. These beach-friendly roofing panels feature a strong aluminum core finished with premium polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin-based finishes. Corrosion and saltwater resistive, OceanGuard™ is the perfect choice for water-bound projects on or near shoreline properties.

The common material of choice for inland metal roofing is a zinc-aluminum coated steel (often referred to by the trade name Galvalume®). The zinc-aluminum alloy provides corrosion resistance that is in most cases superior to galvanized steel, which is is coated with a very thin layer of zinc. However, even with today’s advanced chemistry, the zinc-aluminum alloy is not enough to protect against the harsh environment of a salty sea breeze.

To combat these extreme coastline conditions, our OceanGuard™ product line is produced from aluminum coil and coated with our ultra-fade-resistive PVDF premium paint finish. Steel warranties require setbacks from salt water, leaving no opportunity to protect your investment. With the OceanGuard™ aluminum roofing series, coastal residents and business owners can enjoy a 50 year saltwater warranty right on the beach; no setbacks required!

Corrosion resistant

The zinc-aluminum alloy (Galvalume®) provides corrosion resistance that is, in most cases, superior to galvanized steel. 

Durable aluminum coil

Available in 0.032

Fade-resistant finishing

coated with our ultra-fade-resistive PVDF premium paint finish, available in 20+ colors.

No setback required for warranty

Enjoy a 50-year saltwater warranty!

Available profiles


This 1″ snap-lock system is a great standing seam option for many applications and is a favorite of many roofing contractors. It is a good choice for most residential and light commercial applications and is one of our best selling panels.


A step up from a nail-strip system but still a snap-lock, this bold 1¾” profile delivers high end standing seam performance without a mechanical seamer.

VersaLoc™ & MegaLoc™

These mechanically seamed panels are the gold standard for standing seam and are a great choice for most commercial applications. Both offer superior strength, weathertightness, and durability.

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